Mulesing-free Merino Wool

Ecovero is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric that is derived from wood pulp sourced from certified renewable forests. It is a branded version of viscose, also known as rayon, with a reduced environmental impact compared to conventional viscose production methods.

Mulesing-free merino wool

Mulesing-free merino wool is a compassionate and ethical alternative in the wool industry.

Mulesing refers to the painful practice of removing strips of skin from sheep. Mulesing-free merino wool ensures that the sheep haven't undergone this inhumane procedure.

By opting for mulesing-free merino wool, you are actively supporting animal welfare.

Sheep are spared the distress and suffering associated with mulesing, promoting a more humane treatment of these animals.

This practice recognizes the importance of providing a safe and comfortable environment for sheep, while still ensuring the production of high-quality wool.

Certification programs exist to verify the mulesing-free status of merino wool.

These programs ensure that the wool comes from farms that adhere to strict animal welfare standards.

By choosing certified mulesing-free merino wool, you can have confidence in the transparency and traceability of the product, knowing that it aligns with your values and supports ethical practices.

Mulesing-free merino wool is not only about animal welfare but also contributes to sustainability.

It encourages responsible sheep farming and promotes the preservation of animal welfare as an integral part of sustainable and ethical production.

By embracing mulesing-free merino wool, you are actively participating in the movement towards a more compassionate and responsible approach to wool production.

Selecting products made from mulesing-free merino wool allows you to enjoy the warmth, softness, and durability of this luxurious fabric while making a positive impact. By supporting mulesing-free merino wool, you are championing the well-being of sheep and encouraging the adoption of ethical practices within the wool industry.


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